Virtual TownHalls

Virtual TownHalls are the most powerful communications tool for your office or government agency to connect with thousands of citizens at one time. It combines a large conference call with a private talk radio show all from the convenience of using a phone. The Stratics Groupís Virtual TownHall gives you the ability to communicate in a personalized, yet controlled forum with your group members, general population or targeted audience. As the leading provider of VTHís in North America, our team provides a professional Moderator, TownHall Manager, Professional Question Screeners and comprehensive support team that utilizes their expertise to make sure your event is flawless. All you need is access to the internet, a good landline and computer. We will do the rest.

Virtual TownHalls are more than just a communications forum. They provide an interactive event which allows the participants to ask live questions, respond to polling questions by pressing a button on their keypad, leave voice mails, have screened questions that are sent to the client, and numerous other opportunities for providing their opinion and feedback. This real-time data is critical for organizations requiring direction and feedback from their members on critical issues. The Stratics Group is recognized as the premiere leader in this field, having undertaken some of the most difficult and complex events in North America.

The Power of Virtual TownHalls: The Numbers behind the Success

The true success of Virtual TownHalls is in their ability to transcend traditional communication avenues in reaching an audience and capturing their attention. Virtual TownHalls are revolutionary because their interactive and multi-faceted platform enables you to gain and maintain the attention of voters.

The numbers behind Virtual TownHalls illustrates how successful they are:

On an average basis, Virtual TownHall participants remain actively engaged for over 15 minutes.

  • Thatís an attention span 16 times greater than the web (57 seconds)
  • Thatís an attention span 30 times greater than a 30 second TV spot

Of those who answer a Virtual TownHall call, the average participation rate is 52% versus:

  • 3.4% direct mail response
  • 6.6% online click-through rate
  • 19.5% targeted email open rate

99% of Virtual TownHall participantsí voice messages are positive.

  • Many messages include requests for invitations to future events and follow up calls

Capacity to dial lists of 3 million people.

The most significant number that truly makes a Virtual TownHall powerful:

  • The price per call is far less than postage stamped literature which is less expensive than traditional marketing methods.
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Best Practices

How to best use the Virtual TownHall technology.

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Virtual TownHall

What is a Virtual TownHall?

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Virtual TownHall Outline

Details how a Virtual TownHall will proceed from start to completion

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